Majlis Pusat Singapura was established in 1969, or more precisely registered on 12 April 1969 under the name of the Majlis Pusat Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Budaya Melayu Singapura.

But in 2012, with a slightly changed function, this unique name was changed to Majlis Pusat Singapura with unique registration number S69SS0029H.

As an organization that has long been on the ground of Singapore and is very synonymous with the Malays society, also to remember the sacrifice and the determination of the earlier leaders, Majlis Pusat Singapura still tried to survive though has been hit by a storm with turmoil and saga that struck.

After fifty years of being established, there are still a handful of members of Majlis Pusat Singapura who would like to continue to preserve the presence of Majlis Pusat Singapura and will strive to bring the organization on track.

In October 2019, a committee was formed and now Majlis Pusat Singapura is chaired by a group of volunteer members known as the Executive Committee of the Majlis Pusat Singapura.

About Majlis Pusat Singapura

Majlis Pusat Singapura is a not-for-profit social voluntary organisation based in Singapore.  We are committed to building cultural and socio-economy bridges as catalysts for the change and growth towards community bonding and civilisation building.

Our core activities are social enterprise, Early Childhood Education, Arts and Culture and community Reach-Outs.

We are registered with the Registrar of Societies, and work closely with Government Ministries, which include Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Ministry of Culture Community and Youth (MCCY) and the Singapore Tourism Board.  We are also a member of Peoples’s Association and National Council of Social Services, Singapore.

Our other partners include Community Development Councils. National Library Board, National Youth Council National Arts Council and Malay Heritage Foundation.


At the regional level, we work with various partners in countries which include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia Philippines and South Africa.

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Majlis Pusat was established on 12 April 1969 by Singapore’s Malay-Muslim leaders who saw the need to forge unity within the community, especially in the midst of uncertain times following the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

Over 50 years later, Majlis Pusat is still forging ahead.


Our community activities

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Re-connects current generations, especially the young ones, with their tradition, culture and historical past.


Early Education

Early Education as a builder of foundation blocks

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Community Programs

As the bridge to reach-out for harmony and unity

Office Hours

Our operating hours :
Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm



Contact Us

93 Toa Payoh Central, #06-01
Singapore 319194
Tel : 6251 4458

HP : 9836 5447

Fax : 6251 4481

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